C1200 1200W Li-Ion or Lead Acid Battery Charger

C1200 1200Watts E-Bike Charger C1200 1200Watts E-Bike Charger

C1200 is 1200Watts Li-Ion or Lead Acid Battery charger.


1. Input Voltage:100VAC~120VAC or 200VAC~240VAC;

2、High efficiency,Maximum efficiency can be 93% above;

3、Protections:Short circuit/Overload/Over Voltage/Under Voltage/Over Current/Over Temperature/Reverse Polarity/Discharging

4、Case:  Aluminium Alloy;

5、Cooling by Fan;

6、All materials are environmentally friendly,  fire-resistant,lead free;

7、ALL chargers are full load burn-in for 4 hours above with data record;

8、Safety withstand voltage testing: Plastic case charger: input to output 3750VAC(<5mA); Metal shell: input to GND:1800VAC(<5mA);Charger ARC level:Level 5;Transformer primary to secondary:3750VAC(5mA);Transformer ARC level:level 7

9、Low surge current,LLC resonance soft-switching technology,synchronous rectification;no interference,low output voltage ripple;

10、Compatible for with or without voltage battery charging input port;

11. With MCU intelligent control,OLED display for option. OLED screen displays information like voltage, current, capacity and charging time. Supports RS485 and CAN2.0B,Isolation and Non-Isolation interface are compatible; 

12. With auxiliary power,Voltage:3.3V~48V


Item AC Input Voltage  For Battery Charge Voltage Maximum Charge Current Maximum Power PF

 Power Derating on 100VAC~120VAC or Full Power on 200VAC~240VAC 



 29.4V  30A  882W  0.5
 2  29.2V  30A  876W
 3  43.8V  25A  1095W
 4  42V  25A  1050W
 5  54.6V  20A  1092W
 6  58.8V  20A  1176W
 7  71.4V  16A  1142.4W
 8  84V  14A  1176W

 Lead Acid

 24V  30A  900W
 10  36V  25A  1125W
 11  48V  20A  1200W
 12  60V  16A  1200W
 13  72V  13A  1170W



Certifications   CE