S2500 2000Watts Li-Ion Battery Charger

S2500 2000Watts E-Bike Fast Charger S2500 2000Watts E-Bike Fast Charger

S2500 is 2000Watts Li-Ion Battery charger.


1、Built-in PFC,Universal AC Input Voltage:90VAC~264VAC for option;

2、High efficiency,Maximum efficiency can be 93% above;

3、Protections:Short circuit/Overload/Over Voltage/Under Voltage/Over Current/Over Temperature/Reverse Polarity/Discharging

4、Case:  Aluminium Alloy;

5、Cooling: Fan.

6、All materials are environmentally friendly,  fire-resistant,lead free;

7、ALL chargers are full load burn-in for 4 hours abov with data record;

8、Safety withstand voltage testing: Plastic case charger: input to output 3750VAC(<5mA); Metal shell: input to GND:1800VAC(<5mA);Charger ARC level:Level 5;Transformer primary to secondary:3750VAC(5mA);Transformer ARC level:level 7

9、Low surge current,LLC resonance soft-switching technology,synchronous rectification;no interference,low output voltage ripple;

10、No spark DC plug design when plug in or pull out from the battery;

11、Compatible for with or without voltage battery charging input port;

12、No spark short circuit protection.

13. With MCU intelligent control,LED screen displays information like voltage, current. Supports RS485 and CAN2.0B,Isolation and Non-Isolation interface are compatible;

14. With auxiliary power,Voltage:3.3V~48V



Item AC Input Voltage  @AC Input Voltage Charge Voltage Maximum Charge Current Maximum Power PF





 29.4V  25A  735W  0.95
 2  29.2V  25A  730W
 3  43.8V  20A  876W
 4  42V  20A  840W
 5  54.6V  18A  982.8W
 6  67.2V  14A  940.8W
 7  71.4V  14A  999.6W
 8  84V  12A  1008W



 29.2V  50A  1460W
 10  43.8V  40A  1752W
 11  42V  40A  1680W
 12  50.4V  35A  1764W
 13  54.6V  35A  1911W
 14  67.2V  29A  1948.8W
 15  71.4V  27A  1927.8W
 16  84V  23A  1932W
 Universal AC Input Voltage 90~264VAC 47~63HZ, Current Self-Adaptive Adjust



Certifications   CE