Guangzhou Electrony Corporation, founded in 2013, is “national high-tech enterprise”focusing on design, manufacture and global market of high frequency switch power chargers.

Quality and technology are what we stand for. We own majority of high-end design, simulation and testing equipment in the charger fields. We have advanced labs to control the quality of    our products. We also have a team full of experienced engineers leaded by several experts in the power design field. With their enthusiasms for power technologies, pursuit for perfection and  minds of keeping pacing with the cutting-edge designs, our amazing engineering team keeps the company and our products in the leading position all the time. In addition, our experts are  always invited as judges for many power related seminars all around GuangZhou. With their continuous efforts, our company have created high efficient and leading power solutions that stand  out in the fields. All our products are closely aligned to safety standard around the world like TUV, UL, CE and CB, etc. They are also certified for environmental regulations like ROHS from the  European union. With helps from the 6S internal management plan and ERP office software, we make sure that our products’ qualities are the closed monitored throughout the manufacturing process. As of now, our products have been sold to multiple counties like the U.S. Our services also cover more than a hundred counties around the world.

Guangzhou Electrony Corporation is committed to provide switch power chargers to world famous brands of electric vehicles, cleaning machines, drone and agricultural equipment. These  include a wild variety of electricity powered products like electric bikes, motorcycles, scooters, cars, buses, drones, vacuums, RC boat, etc. They have also been used in many areas like libraries, fire departments, hospitals, telecommunications, and aerospace industry. Our products have been more and more famous as time goes by.

We provide charges with power ranges from 30 W to 3000 W. They have embedded software controls with OLED screen displaying information like voltage, current, capacity and charging time. They support communication through RS485 and CAN protocols which guarantees safe and smart charging experiences. They are all certified under TUV GS (en60335) standards by German, ETL (UL62368) standards by the U.S., and FCC. We had been awarded as “Tech lead” in 2016, and “national high-tech enterprise” in 2019.